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Dr. Alin Alkass: A New Kind of Dentist

Dentistry is an old profession that has always been associated with rough hands and painful procedures, but Dr. Alin Alkass is changing people's dentistry expectations in the Chicagoland area. With a focus on compassion and patient-comfort, Dr. Alkass is helping children and adults to put their fears of dentists behind them.

Dr. Alkass is a native of Chicago that graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry in Manhattan, N.Y. He was happy to return to the northwest part of town to care for patients in his hometown. After seven years of working in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Alkass is excited to be able to open his own office where patient comfort and satisfaction are top priorities. After years of working with children and adult patients, Dr. Alkass has built a reputation by pairing his natural hospitality with advanced dental skills. He established his own practice in December of 2012, Smiles on Elston. Dr. Alkass is quickly becoming a local favorite. Serving both children and adults living in Jefferson Park, Forest Glen, Norwood Park and surrounding areas, he and his friendly, down-to-earth approach to dentistry are taking the worry out of dental work.

The staff at "Smiles on Elston" believes in a new brand of dentistry and its ability to give people the enjoyable experience they deserve. From the moment patients meet Alin Alkass, they trust his expertise and his gentle touch. Years of advanced post-graduate training enables Dr. Alkass to blend his natural friendliness with his knowledge of leading advancements in tooth and gum care. Patients come to "Smiles on Elston" because they know that there is a dentist they can count on. Dr. Alkass knows that dental visits should not be painful or intimidating. His warm, professional demeanor puts even the most nervous patient at ease as he expertly performs fillings, bridges, extractions and more. Better yet, his dental offices are also kid-approved. Alkass and his experienced dental team make dental visits fun for children of all ages. From the kid-friendly waiting room to the quick, playful dental check-ups, dental visits are easy for the entire family.           

Dr. Alin Alkass may not be what most people expect a dentist to be, but his differences are something he is proud of. Whether patients are in for routine placement of fillings, crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers or complicated tooth extractions, they all trust his capable and compassionate hands. Dr. Alin Alkass provides family and cosmetic dental service and is committed to providing affordable dental care and improving smiles. He employs state of the art techniques and equipment for the purpose of offering the best quality dental care possible. His compassion and professionalism for his patients and the dental industry is evident through his commitment to continuing education regarding dental practices.